rental motorbike cameron highland

If you are looking for a budget holiday location not far from Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highland is the place.

The weather is cold perfect for honeymoon couple or to reduce stress.

Its location is not far from Kuala Lumpur and it is suitable for a temporary stopover of the city’s residents who want to flee from the hustle and bustle of the city.

What is the best is that you can ride the motorcycle to the places you like.

With the availability of existing rental motorbike Cameron Highland services, it is easy for you to get the right bike.

Cameron Highland has many interesting places to visit and already has a crowd of visitor every single day.

Highland geography is a major factor in why it is a great attraction.

The atmosphere and scenery here is quite different from other cities in Malaysia and this must be your wish-list location.

What’s more important is that many spots are a tourist attraction that charges an entry fee of as low as 6 ringgit, while other spots are also offer free of charge.

So, it is worth to go on a vacation with low expenses?

Definitely, the answer is yes.

You can reach the destinations listed below with your budget.

These locations are far from each other, but it’s easy for you to go from other spots to another if you are using a rental motorbike Cameron Highland.


rental motorbike cameron highland

Boh Plantation can be said as a symbol of Cameron Highland and you should not miss to visit here.

With a stunning backdrop, unique architecture, plus cool weather, it’s a perfect place for you to calm your mind.

There are two Boh tea gardens available here, Ringlet Tea Plantation, and Sungai Palas Tea Plantation.

Both have the same attraction as the beauty of the green tea plantations and the stunning views.

Alternatively, you can also visit the tea factory to take a closer look at the tea making process.

You can also enjoy fresh tea and pastry dishes at the cafe.

Do not forget to try Tea Cake and Nasi Lemak Cheese Cake which is among viral food that people are craving for.


rental motorbike cameron highland

This place is one of the attractions that you must visit, as you ought to try “serunding strawberry” that are not available elsewhere.

Is it for real?

Yes, it’s true.

This place is not far from Avant Chocolate, so if you rent a motorcycle in Cameron Highland, it’s easy to get here.

The garden is beautiful with the magnificent colonial buildings in it.

In addition to “serunding strawberry”, you can also taste the original strawberry ice cream from the fresh strawberry fruit.

Ticket prices for entry to the park are cheap, which is RM8 for adults and RM3 for children.


rental motorbike cameron highland

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the suitable place that you should go is to a waterfall which not only surrounded by greenery, but also fresh air that makes you feel fresh.

If your journey is towards Cameron Highland, the place is none other than Lata Iskandar.

Lata Iskandar is famous for its beautiful stone, and its clear water.

Since it is a popular place among travelers, it is always maintained by the authorities.

In addition to the breathtaking scenery with the beauty of flora and fauna, this place is also rich in fresh fish and local fruits.

At nearby waterfall, there are bazaars of handicraft that sell various high quality craftsmanship made by the Orang Asli, which you can buy for souvenir.


rental motorbike cameron highland

This is a must-visit place if you arrive at Cameron Highland.

It can be said that all Cameron Highland products are sold at Kea Farm Market.

Souvenirs, fresh vegetables, strawberries, fresh fruits, tea products and more items are available, mostly sold at a price of RM10 per kilogram.

Some people call this market as a farm market or morning market, and it is known as the best place to buy gift from Cameron Highland.

Due to its main tourist destination, the way to get here is always busy either from Tanah Rata and Brinchang.

Parking also hard to find especially at peak times even though the authority already create new parking space.

But, if you are using rental motorbike Cameron Highland, it may be quite easy for you to move through traffic congestion and stop here.

Cheap Hotels In Cameron Highland With Budget Under RM100

The important thing is that if you are on a budget holiday you should look for a cheap accommodation.

There are a lot of hotels with cheap room from rates below RM100 for one night.

The price may rise slightly in peak hour time.

Like most hotels everywhere, prices can be cheaper if you book online through travel websites like, agoda, traveloka and so on, rather than walk in or direct booking with the hotel.

Let’s look at the list of budget hotels in Cameron Highland that you may want to consider for your accommodation later.


rental motorbike cameron highland

This budget hotel is very popular among travelers in Cameron Highland especially backpackers who come solo or in small groups.

It provides several rooms with private or shared bathrooms.

Located just off the tea plantation, and although it is a budget hotel, the rooms are very comfortable.

A beautiful garden is provided to guests who wish to enjoy the scenery, as well as caf├ęs for dining with local delicacies.

It costs only RM65 for one night.


rental motorbike cameron highland

This is another suitable accommodation for backpackers.

Concept of shared rooms, this hotel is a great choice of backpackers from local or abroad.

It is a great place to stay, while looking for new acquaintances among backpackers.

The price starts at RM90 per night, and is located just 60m from the Orang Asli village.


rental motorbike cameron highland

This hotel is one of the Islamic concept hotel located in Cameron Highland, in Tanah Rata.

The facilities for Muslim tourists are complete, including for prayer, worship and also food provided.

So, do not worry about the halal status of the food supplied by this hotel.

The room rate starts from RM90 per night, with a very comfortable room for you.

For Muslim riders that use rental motorbike Cameron Highland, do not hesitate to try this hotel as your accomodation.


rental motorbike cameron highland

This hotel is located in Jalan Besar, Brinchang, and it has a lot of good reviews from its customers.

Although only three stars, but it provides a very comfortable and clean room.

Each room has WIFI and a TV.

In fact, its location is also close to facilities such as retail stores, banks, eateries and others.

Prices start at RM95 per night.


rental motorbike cameron highland

It is located in the heart of Brinchang and its position amongst the green hills, can make you calmly look out over the scenery.

The other is that it is themed flowers in the decor of the room.

So, to love the flowers, you can try to stay here.

The rooms are very comfortable for your convenience.

Price starts from RM98 per night.

Tips on Motor Riding In The Foggy Weather While Using Rental Motorbike Cameron Highland.

Cameron Highland is always in a cool and foggy weather.

In fact, the mist here will come in time and place.

This cool and foggy scene is absolutely beautiful to see.

But, if the fog is thick, it will also make it difficult for you to drive or ride motorcycles.

So, for security measures, you need to take a serious precaution step in order to avoid any undesirable events especially when it comes to ride a motorcycles.

The view of the motorcyclist will be shorter and unclear because the mist of steam is definitely a barrier to the helmet’s wisdom.

For safety, some tips for you to avoid from doing things like:

  1. Do not stop at the side of the road just to take photos or whatever purpose, especially in the case of mist too thick because other drivers and riders may not notice you.
  2. Do not speed up because slippery roads may cause you to lose control.
  3. Ride on the roadside. Avoid riding in the middle of the road, or use the center line for guidance as you will probably ‘eat’ the road or the driver from the opposite direction of ‘eating’ the road.
  4. Switch on the lights at any time for easy viewing.
  5. Press the hon if you are not sure that other vehicles will alert.

Do You Want To Use Rental Motorbike Cameron Highland?

Nowadays, there a more than one rental motorbike Cameron Highland service that are available.

Rental owners offer their services at different rates, so you have to be wise to bargain.

There is also a rental bike that you can book online online, and even book early before coming to Cameron Highland.

This is easier because you can firm motorbike that you need is available.

But, you have to find a really reliable business to avoid being scammed.

NAKRIDE is a rental motorbike Cameron Highland operator-to-be who has the experience of providing this service, even getting a good review among its customers.

The price offered is very reasonable and you can rent what model you want, according to your desire.

With an online reservation system provided, NAKRIDE will facilitate your rental motorbike .

Nakride is also a service that has proven to be a lot of attention because it has been published in the Kosmo Online and Vulcan Post newspapers.

You can also follow its instagram to see the photos of the motorcycle list with its price and location.

So, if you want to go to Cameron Highland and need a rental motorbike to get here, you can get a rental motorbike service with NAKRIDE.

It’s very easy.

You can just visit Nakride website here and make a booking according to the set steps.

If there is some thought or experience that you want to share, you can leave a comment below.

Happy Holidays!

5 Safety Tips Using Rental Motorbike Cameron Highland

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