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When we talk about nasi kandar, imagine you are at Penang.

And, vice versa.


That is how synonym nasi kandar with Penang which also famous with the name "Pulau Mutiara".

In fact, it will not be a complete visit here if you do not stop by and taste nasi kandar.

This is where you can find a variety of restaurants that serve the finest nasi kandar, which is delicious and already viral in Malaysia.


Besides nasi kandar, there are many other best foods you should try to visit here.

From breakfast, lunch, dinner to supper, Penang is well-known as a food haven for food enthusiasts or food addict!

Wow, is it true?

Some even visit this state simply to enjoy food here, which is not available in other states.

Even if there is nasi kandar outside here, it will not be as tasty as what is available in Penang.


Let's Invite Family or Friends Here For Vacation


For those of you who have planned long time ago to eat here either solo or with friends, it is not too late.

Just come and taste it.

If you don't have much budget, come by bus or other public transport.

Arriving in Penang, you do not have to rent a car at an expensive cost.

This is because there is a motorbike rental Penang for you at a reasonable price.

So, you can move around here so much easier.

Ok, now let's see what is interesting in Penang that you can try to follow your budget.

Check this out!


Popular Nasi Kandar At Penang


As said earlier, if you are visiting Penang but do not try the popular nasi kandar, you will regret!


Keep in mind, even though there are many restaurants that serve nasi kandar, not all of them are the best.

You may already know about the greatness of Line Clear Nasi Kandar, Nasi Kandar Beratur and Deen Maju Restaurant which is already well-known.

However, besides these restaurants, there are other restaurants that serve delicious nasi kandar.

Let's go deep into list of nasi kandar restaurants that may be rarely heard but quite delicious.


  1. Nasi Kandar @ Hameediyah Restaurant

sewa motor penang
Nasi Kandar Hameediyah (Click the image for the location on google map)


The restaurant is the oldest in serving nasi kandar in Penang, since 1907.

It is located at Campbell Street which is indeed a tourist attraction from within and outside the country.

Besides nasi kandar, this restaurant is also famous for its beriani rice, besides a variety of side dishes with the "kuah" that you can enjoy.


  1. Nasi Kandar Imigresen


sewa motor penang
Nasi Kandar Imigresen (Click the image for the location on google map)


This nasi gerai shop operates only on the sidewalks, with several folding tables and chairs for visitors enjoying their nasi kandar.

Located at the Market Lane, in the heart of Georgetown, nasi kandar Imigresen is the only city's central focus.

2 reasons of why it become famous ; its delicacy, and also its reasonable price.

This shop's operation hours start at 10.30am until 9.30am.

If you feel like to eat nasi kandar at the side of the road, here's the place.


  1. Nasi Kandar Deen @ Jelutong


sewa motor penang
Nasi Kandar Deen (Click the image for the location on google map)


Some people by mistake think this restaurant is the same with Deen Maju's nasi kandar restaurant.

The fact is,

These two restaurants are not the same and are located in different locations, and even their owners are different person.

Unlike the Deen Maju restaurant, Nasi Kandar Deen is located at Jalan Jelutong.

Another opening branch is the namely Deen Baru Relau restaurant which is located at Relau.

What so special and attractive here is the delight and authenticity of the fish curry.

Plus, you taste "kaw" when you eat with two three beans.

You can't imagine how delicious and special it is, so come and try it if you visit Penang.


  1. Nasi Kandar Kampung Melayu


sewa motor penang
Nasi Kandar Kampong Melayu (Click the image for the location on google map)


Even though it is located just below the low-cost flat in Kampung Melayu, Air Itam, the Nasi Kandar Kg Melayu restaurant is well-known among locals as well as tourists.

Every operation hours, there are non-stop of customers come and eat here.

This is truly genuine nasi kandar.

The restaurant owner told that he practiced a recipe for people of Sri Lanka.

If you do not have the opportunity to eat at this restaurant, you can also visit the second branch of the Mawar Village (MPPP), Farlim Air Itam.

Here, the operating hours are from 4.30pm until 10.30pm.


  1. Nasi Kandar Pokok Ketapang


sewa motor penang
Nasi Kandar Pokok Ketapang (Click the image for the location on google map)


What is special here are the original and delicious of "rasam".

So, what is actually "rasam"?

Rasam is a very good herbal soup for warmth and healthy of internal body.

Not all the restaurants that serve this dish, even looking for a really good "rasam" is also difficult.

It is located at Hutton Lane, close to Penaga Hotel.

What is interesting about this nasi kandar restaurant is that it operates 24 hours a day.

So you might be hungry in the middle of the night.

Just get here and fulfill your stomach.


Move Around With Motorcycle


Apart from tasty food, Penang is also famous for its many attractions that you can visit.

Whether in the daytime or in the evening, patrol activities are very meaningful to enjoy the scenery in Georgetown.

This place surely can make your holiday fun and exciting.

Most visitors here usually travel by car.

But, if you want to save the budget, and avoid traffic congestion, you can try to ride motorbike.

Now, you can get motorbike rental Penang easily, as this service has gradually become the choice of travelers here.

Moving around here by riding motorbike rental Penang, you can watch closely the lives of the people here.

One of the locations you can visit is the Little India Penang, located on Queen Street.

The view especially at night is indeed very interesting.

If you walk or ride motorcycles in this area, you will feel as if in Delhi or Chennai.

This place is decorated with colorful lights and served with Bollywood music.

And, there are also many shops selling fabrics and shirts that offer reasonable prices.


Relax And Eat At Padang Kota Lama


Padang Kota Lama is one of the attraction and place of interest that visitors will find in Penang.

It is an open field which is a location for sightseeing and dining.

It's also known as Penang Esplanade.

The best part is that, it is located on the edge of the ocean separated by the concrete wall which is the place for visitors to hang out and take photos.

There are many public facilities here, including children's playgrounds, and public toilets.

Beside Padang Kota Lama is Fort Cornwallis which is a historic place always visited by tourists.


The challenging part here is,

When you come at peak hour, you might hardly get car park.

If you travel solo or with friends, the best option is by using motorbike rental Penang.

It is not difficult to find the motorbike rental service provider, as many individual or small companies are working on it.

If you already at Esplanade Penang, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a meal at the Esplanade Park Food Court.

This food court is located between Fort Cornwallis and Old Town Square, and is close to a paid parking area.

The most popular food here is Penang fried squid noodle.

And you know what,this noodle is already a viral food in Malaysia!


Other than that,

Try a casual meal at Penang, such as fumigation,"air batu campur (ABC)", coconut shake and so on.

This food court is open every day except for Sundays from noon until 8 pm.


Recreation Center For Many Visitors


The atmosphere at Padang Kota Lama when at night is indeed happening.

That's why it's a place for those who want to hang out while enjoying the night breeze.

The activity of playing roller blade, busking and even crowded people on the wall gazing at the sea are some of the usual things to do here.

If you want to know, this place will be more lively if you visit here during the festival.

For example, Chap Goh Meng or Chinese New Year celebrations because various events will be held here such as fireworks shows, exhibitions and so on.


Viewing Landscape And Community Life In A Floating Village.


This is another exciting activity you can do in while riding motorbike rental Penang.

Clan Jetties Floating Village is a chinese village located on the water which gives you a fascinating view.

There are 6 different villages in which each village has their own group and temple.

The houses here are very unique and they are built on high resilience.

The best time to visit this place is early in the morning around 7 am.

This is because at this time you can see more closely how the busyness of the community here is doing their daily tasks.


Collection Of Used Books And Local Produce At Chowrasta Market


If you are an old bookmaker or comic, Chowrasta Market or Chowrasta Bazaar is a place you must visit.

The name Chowrasta is actually derived from Hindi 'chauk raasta' which means 'square,' and the word 'chowk'.

It is often used for markets in India.

This is where the tons of used books are because there are many shops selling thousands of old books that are hard to find everywhere.

Additionally, there are also other local shop that produce such as massage oil, dodol, belacan and so on.

In fact, various clothing collections are also sold here.


In short, Penang is indeed a fun place to be your holiday destination because almost everything is here.

From food to interesting places to visit ; all complete in one place.

It is difficult to move to one to another location that attracts here as they close to each other.

What's more?

A complete transporation service like motorbike rental Penang that is available for your convenience, make you easy to get paid the place.


The Best of Motorbike Rental Penang


Motorbike rental Penang service have become a popular transportation service in the country among visitors from overseas.

There are also local residents and university students here who also rent at their own budget.

One of the reasons is, it will prevent you from traffic congestion if you rent a car to move around.

In fact, the cost of motorcycle rental is more cheaper than car rental.


One of the Penang rental motor operators you can trust is NAKRIDE. (In future plan)

What is unique about NAKRIDE is its orderly and systematic booking system, and you can even book ahead online.

So, do not worry about searching motorbike rental Penang once they get here.

NAKRIDE has long been established in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, and has received good reviews from its customers.

The rent price is so cheap.


If you want to go to Penang and need a bike, you can get a motorbike rental service with Nakride.

It is so easy.

You can click HERE and make a reservation.


Happy Holidays!



Do You Want To Eat Nasi Kandar? Let’s Get Motorbike Rental Penang!

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