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Critical Point Before Buying Superbike


For motorbikes and motorcycle fans, having a superbike will definitely be your dream, right?

Aside from looking cool on the road, you attract the girl's attention whenever you passing by them.


The pleasure of riding a powerful motor is actually more than that.

Most riders buy this machine solely for maximum ride satisfaction.

It is a medium to experience better riding experiences, and is far superior to ordinary motorcycles.


It's no wonder if anyone can afford a great deal of money to get their dream superbike.


However, do not take it trivial before buying superbike.

Since it is a desire, rather than a necessity, there are many things to consider before buying, especially in the financial aspect.

What's more for you who has never ridden or had a superbike before, can easily get 'poisoned' by friends so that you struggles to get one.


Owning and riding the bike is certainly great, but despite its' greatness, there are things you may not know about this type of motorcycle.

So, it's best to know and understand the factors that you should consider choosing before buying superbike you desire.


Fact # 1: The Purpose of Having a Superbike


A great start-up capital to have a high-powered motorcycle is important for you to determine which type of motorcycle you want to buy.

This selection will certainly depend on the purpose of your purchase of the superbike itself, and the features you want.

Some riders look at speed, engine power and excitement to ride fast.

If you are part of those who want to ride a heavy-duty vehicle with a capacity of 1000cc and above with high acceleration power over the road, superbike is suitable for you.

For those who intend to buy large-powered motorcycles to go for a ride especially with a couple, maybe a high-powered sport or sportbike like sport touring is more appropriate.

The touring model is designed with the same physical shape as a superbike but with a more comfortable seat for long distances.


No matter what kind of motorcycle you want to buy, do some research first and get as much information as you can before making your choice.

What's important is that your choice is in line with your will and purpose before buying superbike.


Fact # 2: Motorcycle Prices


High-powered motorcycle prices vary by type, brand and engine size.

Offers provided by one store with another store will vary.

Certainly, the higher the engine size, the higher the price of the superbike.

So you have to make the right choice by the type of motorcycle you want and your ability to buy.

Motorcycle prices can range from 20 thousand to hundreds of thousands of ringgits depending on the type.

When you know what type of superbike you are buying and what you pay for it, you can plan a budget for the down payment.

Likewise, the cost of having these high-powered motorcycles, such as road and insurance taxes, should be taken into account in your budget.

Sometimes it can be more expensive in comparison with cars at the same price.

But still, car is different segment from superbike.


Whether you want to buy cash or debt, that's up to your own pocket money.

What is important is to know whether you are able to pay or not.

Or, at the end of the month you can just eat instant noodles.

Furthermore, you cannot stand from your wife's blabbering due to not enough daily home necessity.


There is a shop offering a purchase with zero downpayment.

But, you know why isn't it?

If the down payment is empty or low, the monthly payment is certainly high.

So, make a careful calculation before buying superbike.


Fact # 3: Maintenance Costs


Having a high-powered motorcycle is not only subject to the ability to buy only.

In fact, the more important is your ability to maintain to ensure that it is always in good condition.

Maintenance issues are always common by most people considering before buying superbike.

Basically, the maintenance of a superbike involves two important things - black oil change every 3 months and filter every 6 months.

However, it also depends on the way you use it.

There is a rider of kind and just use superbike when it's weekend and in town only.

If you go on a convoy to Krabi every week , surely there is always have to maintain the superbike.

Like a car, service is a must for every time it reaches a certain mileage.

Do not be surprised if you receive high bills at any time of service.


Did you know that the service to change engine oil could only reach 600 to 700 ringgit?


It is higher than changing engine oil for a car.

That's not include the cost to change tires and motor chains yet.

Get a sweat to see the bill later!


High-powered motorcycles are not like regular motorcycles used in the days.

It requires high performance tires made of soft rubber compound.

Therefore, it is quickly get wear and needs to be changed frequently.

If you are a kind of rider who often joins the convoy in a distance.

Please be prepared if you are informed that the price of a pair of superbike tires can reach thousands of ringgit.


It may make you sit down every time you receive a billing bill.

If you earn 20 or 30 thousand a month, maybe this amount is small.

For those of you who are low income earner, maybe it will be burdensome later on.


Do not be afraid too much.

More importantly,

Do saving before buying, to be used in an emergency.


Is Maintenance Cost Burdensome?


Buy a superbike looks like one kind of investment for you.

Not investing for profit but more to invest in your soul and instinct as a real rider.

In most cases, bike owners cannot afford to maintain the cost of these high-powered motorcycles.

So there is a time when your big motor has been unpaid and unused for months.

All of these due to they are not able to repair if damaged happen.


A tire alone cost you a thousand ringgit.

In the end, you wait months just to pay for it.


It is undeniable that the cost of maintaining a large motorcycles is high and sometimes up to the level of burdens.

There are many situations in which riders buying superbike because they are affected by their surrounding.

Also, they do not think wisely before buying, especially from financial aspects.

It is not enough just to think of only paying monthly installments.

Moreover, there's a cost of servicing to keep high-powered motorcycles in the long run.

Kind of headache if you keep thinking about it, right?

The motorcycles are in debt to the bank, and cannot stop pay the monthly installments.


But, wait a minute.


Do you know what superbike you are supposed to cost you, can actually make money for you?

Do you want to know more?


Let's scroll down!


Generate Income Through Your Superbike With Nakride!


superbike rider2


You need not be surprised by this fact as it is indeed a reality.

Whether you are unable to pay the superbike monthly installment or cover the cost of maintaining a high-powered motorcycles, it is not an end for you to be in the field of superbike.

Nakride will help you to make money with your superbike.


Do you want to join the Nakride motorbike community?


Nakride is a platform that helps you to make money by renting out your motorcycles to interested tenants.

The concept is simple, share your bike using Nakride's apps and online reservation system through mobile friendly website.

Motorcycles rental in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor is actually increasingly in demand, including high-powered motorcycles.

So, purchase superbike as an investment now not only meets your rider's instinct, but also can make money.

Yes! Don't you believe it?

Motorcycle works for you!

If the motor is just idle at home, it is burdensome right?


Do not make it a burden and do not blame the bike, because your bike is not the fault.


Rent out your superbike by joining the Nakride motorcycle community.


Why Nakride?


Nakride is a motorcycle rental platform established in Malaysia.

Systems are automated and fully organized, and even very reliable.

Customer have to book motorcycle through mobile friendly website and all information is actually recorded for your convenience as a motorcycle owner.

The area included in the Nakride motor rental service is very extensive covering almost all Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Selangor areas.

If you want to know more, visit the Nakride website!


The spirit of riding high-powered motorcycles is a fun hobby, plus if you can occasionally join a convoy with rider clubs.

If your hobby can generate side income, you are even happier than other people, isn't it?

So, let the motorcycles work for you.


What Is The Risk Of Renting Motorcycles?


This is a question that often plays in the minds of motorists who want to rent out their motorcycles, regardless of regular motorcycles or high-powered motorcycles.

Yeah, the motor is expensive and shiny, if it's damaged or rinsed after being rented, it hurts.

That's why you need to find a truly trusted platform and operator and have a systematic system that keeps all tenant information safe.

Nakride really understands this problem and you do not even have to worry about buying superbike.

Guidelines below shows that how to reduce the risks before renting out your bike.


1. Take every 4 corners of bike photos before and after rental.

2. Tick each bike's part that are likely to be commonly get stolen (tires, rims, carburetors) using special markers.

3. Install the GPS tracking device. to locate the customer's movement. To make a purchase of the device, kindly refer to dealer Mr. Fazli +6011 5354 4747.

4. Make a checklist for every motorcycle to ensure maintenance is done at all times.

5. When the customer returns the bike, make sure the condition of the motor as before being rented, take a recent picture and compare it with the picture before being rented.

6. If there is a scratch effect, request the appropriate amount from the customer, and send an email to for record.

7. Customer information:

ii. Pictures before and after rent

iii. The amount of damage claimed to the customer


Will the information provided help you?

3 Facts You Need To Know Before Buying Superbike

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