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Are you a small motorcycle owner, Demak EX90?

Or could you possibly be the owner of big bike, Kawasaki ZX10R?

Whether you are a small or big powerful motorcycle owner, or a scooter, you can register and be part of our community.

By being with this community, you can share your bike with other users and create a part-time business.

This is a true fact and it is very easy.

As a motorcycle owner, if you are willing to share your bike, you can start rent it out to users right now.

By renting a motorcycle, you will be able to generate income.

Does it sound too easy?

Well, it is but of course there is a risk involved.

This motorcycle rental service has become a trend of today’s business part time and has high demand.

Rental services offered by motorbike owners include a variety of destination for customers.

The latest available locations are around Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor, Kelantan and Negeri Sembilan.

Demak, Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, Harley-Davidson and other bike model can register with Nakride.

You may not believe it, but that’s what Nakride provides as a platform to motorbike owner.

So What Is Nakride?

Have you ever heard of this brand?

It is an online platform that provides rental services of various types of motorcycles at flexible rates.

This peer to peer online business was developed around December year 2017.

Currently, there are more than 50 motorcycle owners who enable their bike for rent.

More than 50 motorcycles with different models and locations registered in this platform.

Motorcycle owners who have registered with Nakride, can advertise vehicles owned by Nakride’s website

If there is rental on demand, motorcycle owners will get paid.

It’s that easy!

So, if you want to start a part-time business or generate side income, do not hesitate and wait anymore.

Register immediately with Nakride at website.

What Makes Motorbike Owner Confident To Be Part Of Nakride Community

Reason #1 : A legitimate and transparent business

First of all, motorcycle owners should know Nakride is a registered company that runs a legitimate and transparent business.

There is no hidden agenda but to focus on concept of peer to peer motorbike sharing while create motorbike owners community.

Nakride will not keep the registered motorcycles at all.

The owner registers his motorcycle with Nakride to offer a rental service,

Motorcycle owners can advertise their motorcycles through Nakride’s official website.

Tenants will come to a designated location to take a motorcycle.

Its business is quite easy and all based on mutual agreement between the owner and the tenant.

Nakride really exists to gather motorcycle owners and create a healthy community.

This can help you to generate extra income!

Reason #2 : Free registration

This is most exciting and people loves it, it is about the resigtration.

It is free.

Yes, it is FREE FOREVER!

This means that motorbike owner who want to start a part-time business do not have to spend a single penny of capital.

So, there is no need think hard to get started.

What’s more, owner or host can add as many bikes as he wants.

So, if you want to list more than one bike, then it is okay.

Imagine, let say you have three motorcycles and almost every week there is a demand, more revenue you will earn.

Sit back and relax at home, money will come in from the rental!

Generally, the more motorcycles you add, the more money you will earn.

That is what simple assumption we can take into account.

Note that we never guarantee there will always bookings on your motorbike all the time.

But, surely once your bike is appear on our website here, we will spending our own cost and start advertising right away.

70 : 30 Sales, Zero Cost

On host side, you will pay zero advertising cost when you add the bike.

When there is a booking, host will get 70 percent from total sales, and the Nakride will get the balance.

On the other side, motorcycle owners are required to comply with the conditions imposed by Nakride.

All the registered motorcycles must be in good condition and maintain on schedule.

The minimum of years created is seven years and below.

This is important because Nakride management systems will make it easier for motorbike owner either to use the bike on their own or to rent it out.

For those who need more info and would like to join our motorcycle share community, you can visit

Then, select Owner Bike Login menu for free registration.

Reason #3 : Motorbike owner determine where to take and return motorcycle

The Nakride system is equipped with a google map.

Owners can create location settings that they want to place as customer’s locations take and return.

It is based on the coordinates to get the exact location, and the system will automatically appear on the website

That is why Nakride invites motorbike owner to join this community by adding bike.

Customer can rent variety of bikes to desire destination throughout Malaysia.

Therefore, the location is already appear on front page of website when customer viewing.

Likewise for those who want more revenue, they no need to set a spesific rental duration.

The longer the duration, the higher the rental possibility.

After booking through the Nakride website, renter will take the bike from motorbike owner and start to experience the ride to their destination.

Reason #4 : Motorbike Owner decide their own rental rates

The rental price for a motorbike starts from RM15 to RM200 for a minimum of four hours.

Awesome, isn’t it?

As a motorcycle owner, you have the right to set the rental rate.

The freedom given by Nakride is interesting as it serve with your rights as an owner.

You are the host or motorbike owner, so we develop a Do-It-Yourself(DIY) system, so it is up to you to set the rental rate.

But as a guide, if there is a high demand, you can change rental rates accordingly and vice versa.

However, motorbike owner can earn from RM200 up to RM5,000 per month depending on the type of bike.

Reason #5 : Systematic Management

Some owners may skeptical and worried, what if they are tricked by cunning customers who do not want to pay rental.

In this case, you do not need to worry much because Nakride has a systematic management system to monitor all the reservations.

Every order is carefully and transparently managed to avoid any fraud, whether it be a customer or a motorbike owner.

For every booking is made, the customer will be given a reservation number for reference.

If there are any problems or inconveniences, the booking number may be referred to in order to locate or address what has occurred.

When booking is made, the customer’s personal particulars such as full name, identity card number attached with particular photos are compulsory.

Nakride system will do the filtration of those who might have bad personal records or fraud identity.

Those person will be blocked by the system and they cannot book any bike at all.

For renter, you can choose the rental location, type of motorcycle and a duration to rent.

Then the information will be stored after payment has been made.

As a motorbike owner, you can see detailed information about the customer as in the agreement system.

Once the customer takes your bike, you can update the booking status.

Likewise after the motorcycles are returned, you will need to update the order status in the system.

All of this is important so that any process in rental services can go smoothly.

Reason # 6: On Demand Service

Nakride is active and constantly promoting the rental services offered.

Advertising is made through a variety of mediums including in various print and social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

Besides, it also go through a blog developed by

This promotion makes Nakride become increasingly popular among users, particularly motorbike rental services.

So it’s no surprise, the demand for renting a motorcycle is always there, sometimes even exceeding supply.

With increasingly in demand, it definitely gives you the opportunity to make more sales.

There may have been experienced motorbike owner who started motorcycle rental business but the result was quite disappointing!

Number of customers can be counted by finger. (means so little customer)

When this happens, of course no sales and you do not know how to get more customers.

Thus, register at Nakride and your can earn more using your own bike.

Reason # 7: Open a part-time business opportunity.

If you aspire to become an entrepreneur, the opportunity offered by Nakride can be the first step and stepping stone to fill your dreams.

You know, starting with small business and without spending a penny you can expand it and become a successful entrepreneur.

So, if you have a regular job, it is not necessary to jump into an end by sending a notice of resignation to the employer.

On the other hand, you can run a part-time rental business through Nakride at early stage.

When you are confident, you may consider the next step to becoming an entrepreneur.

Furthermore, creating a motorcycle rental business through Nakride is flexible and you can set your own time.

The capital required under the capability of a motorbike owner.

This is not something that is impossible because through this rental service, you also indirectly add new acquaintances that may be different fields and experiences.

In fact, the opportunity to meet with many people also gives you the opportunity to improve the time management skills and communication skills.

Hence, take this opportunity to build a career and improve your skills.

You can also plans and start making strategies to become a successful entrepreneur someday.

Just remember that your dream can be changed and transformed into reality!

Are You Motorbike Owner That We Are Looking For?

If you are reading this post and would like to join this platform, please follow the steps we have prepared for your motorcycle list into the Nakride platform.

The guides are complete enough to understand how to use of admin panel system specially designed for all motorbike owner regardless of whether you have a moped bike or a superbike.

This Motorbike Sharing Project is very helpful to bike owner to generate side income through their asset.

If you are serious, you can even open a motorbike rental service company.

So, you want more detail right?

Ok, let’s jump into the step-by-step we provide below.

STEP 1 – Registration

1. Go to Nakride site

2. On the menu list, click Owner Bike Login .

3. On the owner log page, click Account Signup (for the first time users).

4. Enter your email password, password and retype password.

5. Click List.

6. A confirmation email will be sent to you and click the link provided in your email.

7. Enter your password and password. Click Sign In.

8. Before listing a motorcycle you need to fill in the required information.

9. Return to Home.

STEP 2 – Dashboard

In the Dashboard Menu, if you have a reservation, you will see full booking information at the current date.

Your motorcycle owner can manage very well by looking at the data and your motorcycle time is taken and returned.

STEP 3 – Adding Bike

1. On the left, click the Bike menu and then click My Class Price .

2. Find your Bike Class and select it from the list.

3. Enter the prices rate. ( 1 hour and 1 day rate ; other rates will automatically been set)

Bike Tips : If you are not sure how much price to set, you can compare with the existing motorcycle prices on the platform

4. Click Save.

5. Go to the Bike menu, click My Garage .

6. Click Add Bike .

7. Choose files for your own motorcycle and Bike Class. 
Fill out motorcycle information to help customers understand best about your motorcycle condition before renting.

BikeTips : Take photos on your own motorcycle instead of getting random images on google or any other search engine. This is to increase the confidence of customers to rent your motorcycle.

8. Click Submit.
Your motorcycle will be review by us within 24 hours.

9. Your motorcycle will be at My Garage if approved.
You can turn it on or off to get its availability status.

STEP 4 – Bike Availability (In the My Garage menu)

1. Set your bike ON or OFF for rental availability.

2. [Update] There is the latest Availability function, which is for motorbike owner who only have a limited period of rental.

For example,

Ali goes to work from 9am to 6pm.
At that time, the motorcycles were not used and ready to rent. So, Ali can use this Availability system, and open rental for the desired clocks.

Easy, isn’t it?

STEP 5 – Manage Reservations

1. Go to the Reservations menu, and click Manage Reservations .

2. You can choose the date pickup to view the order by clicking on a specific date.

Click Filters or click Show All to view all orders.

3. Refer to diagram:

A: Booking Number. Customers will get the same number for reference.

B: The full name of the customer.

C: Rental price paid.

D: Type of bike arranged with plate number.

E: Motorcycle Status

F: Generating Agreement and Invoice

G: See. You as a motorcycle owner can see detailed information about the customer as per the agreement.

H: After the customer takes the motorcycle and then you click the green button.

The motorcycle status will turn to Confirm .

If the customer does not arrive, Cancel booking.

When you click the cross button, your rental motorcycle status will turn to Cancel .

After the motorcycle has been returned, click the Return button to update the return status in the system.

Note : Payment will be transferred if the booking is on Return status

STEP 6 – My Location

1. Fill in all information:

Location Name: Example – Shah Alam (Section 7 Road of the Road)

State: Your current state.

Address: Your current address for customer guidelines.

Description Location: A bit about your surroundings near your location.
(Example: Beside Petronas petrol station, in front of Ali’s restaurant)

Location Images: Take a picture of a place.

Address Locator: This is to locate exactly your area to make it easier for tenants to come and take motorcycles.

Latitude and Longitude: Place the coordinates you get from Address Lookup into both.
It will appear automatically on our site!

2. Click Update.

STEP 7 – Rental Options

1. Motorbike owner like you can choose what kind of accessories are available to your customers.

The more bikes, the better your sales!

STEP 8 – Sales

1. Go to the Sales menu and click Sales Summary.

Choose location, date, and status for how many days you’d like to check the amount of sales accumulation.

2. Click Generate.

That’s It!

We hope that you find it useful not just for yourself bu to other friends and relative.

If you think this information is benefit, please share it though your social media and let others read it.

For more info and visualize explanation, you can refer HERE.

7 Reason Why Motorbike Owner Need to Sign Up For Nakride Account.

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