Motorcycle Maintenance Routine


Many of us think that motorcycles need not to be checked as long as they are not damage.

But, imagine if the bike you ride is suddenly damage in the middle of the road.

Unluckily, the rain came down heavily.

Quite a tough situation, isn't it?

That time you will surely regret for neglecting your motorcycle care routine.

Plus, your favorite motorcycle need a high cost to repair.

It is likely to cause major problem due to nonscheduled service and maintenance.


Whether you have a small or big bike, ensuring that the motorcycle is in good condition is very important.

Especially if you use motorcycle every day to commute from one place to another.

It is important for you to know the basic things such as black oil, lubricants, tires and others.

So now, let's see how to keep the most basic motorcycle care routine you can do it yourself.


Criteria # 1: Check Engine Oil

What is the purpose of engine oil?

It's function is to maintain the engine's operating system from component weariness due to friction when the engine is rotating.

It can smooth out dynamic mechanisms in engine such as pistons, rods, clutches and gearboxes.

Engine oil will flow into every part of the engine to stabilize the temperature, in order to prevent extreme heat.

Therefore, it is important that you put in the right, quality and exact quantity of engine oil to ensure maximum engine speed.

The oil are usually dedicated to 4-stroke wet clutch engine motors, 2-stroke engines and special engine oils for automatic scooters.

Take a look and understand the meaning of the code and the term on the lubricant oil labeled to help you choose the best engine oil option.


Frequent Check Engine Oil Level

Engine oil it also needs to be checked regularly.

The purpose is to observe any danger signs or damage to your motorcycle engine.

If possible, check the engine oil once a week to keep your motorcycle in good condition.

It is so crucial as if you plan to ride for a long journey.

In fact, by looking at the color of the oil, you can guess whether the engine is in good condition or not.

The original color of the oil is clear and brown.

If the oil looks like that as soon as you check it, it shows that the oil is still good.

However, if it's color is black or dull, it means you need to change the oil.

If it is white, you must bring motorcycle to the workshop because it might be leakage of cylinder head gasket or other problems.


Aside of color, it is important to see level of the engine oil.

If the oil level is too low, there is possibly your bike has a valve or piston problem.


You can take it to the reliable workshop for inspection.


Criteria # 2: General Lubrication For Component Movements

General lubrication in motorcycle care routine refers to all the movable components available on motorcycles.

For example, handle, suspension, stick and so on.

Lubricants should be placed so that the components are easy to move.

Dust and rust that are stuck in these parts can undermine their movement.


Besides, each screw and nut also need lubricant to prevent it from rust and easily decompose.

So, it is important to put lubricants in every components on motorcycle.

Typically, the WD40 versatile lubricant is used for this purpose.


motorcycle care routine


Clean the components involved with a cloth or unused toothbrush (then you can just throw it away).


Care Criteria # 3: Check Motorcycle Chain

Some motorcars are only reminded to keep a motorcycle chain when it is broken or almost broken.

Though it is one of the important aspects of maintaining your motorcycle performance, it works to send power to the rear wheels to drive the motorcycle.

If there's a problem with the chain, your bike will not move smoothly.

In fact, it may caused  an accident.

So it's important that you take care of this component to get rid of problem while riding in an uncertain weather conditions in Malaysia.


motorcycle care routine
Regularly check chain condition


The way to keep the chains is not difficult.

Check the chain and make sure it is in good condition.

Do not wait until the chain gets too loose so do check regularly.

Chain life span can be lengthened if it is properly maintained.

For the best motorcycle care routine, be sure to use special oil for the chain.

Do not use WD40 lubricants or engine oils, nor cooking oils at home.

It is very dangerous and could damage the chain!

If you are riding for a long journey such as a convoy, add a chain oil when back home because your bike is still in heat.

It allow the oil to be absorbed by the chain when the engine is cool.

So, the trick is to make sure the chain is in the right condition, about an inch from the chain, and add a special lubricant for the chain.

It is so easy right?


Care Criteria # 4: Check Tires

Tires are one of the most important component of a motorcycle.

If we don't have the tires, how come the bike will move because the tires are connecting motorcycle and road.

We cannot replace the tires with melons to move the motorcycle.


Haha..I'm just kidding!


What we are trying to convey here is the importance of ensuring that your motorcycle tires are in safe condition for the ride.

The most basic thing in maintaining the tire is to make sure it has enough pressure.

Tires will be easily flat if the bike are ridden under low pressure.

In fact, it can cause your motorcycle to lose control especially when it comes to lean ride.

So put this component in your top list motorcycle care routine.


Always Check the Condition of Motorcycle Tires

If possible, check your tire condition at least once a week, even if you do not use motorcycles regularly.

Set the tire pressure as in the maintenance manual.

It is extremely effective for tire life span, and ensure your motorcycle care routine is well.

Besides that, check the tire tread if there is any wear or tear marks due to nail spikes and other sharp objects.

It is important for your safety as a rider every time you ride the bike.


Care Criteria # 5: Check Front and Back Brakes

Brake is another important component of your motorcycle.

It's function is to stop or slow down the movement of motorcycles.

So, you can control your motorcycle when you want to turn or stop anywhere you want.

There are two types of brakes used in today's motorcycles namely drum brake and disc brake, but both have the same function.

Both also have a certain lifespan or there are certain period of wear depending on how often you are using a motorcycle.

Isn't it?

So, these are the ways to improve your motorbike care routine.

The first way to check brake conditions is to look at the indicator curve on the brake pad.

Beautiful pads have deep curves.

If the curve looks thin, then it's a sign that it needs to be changed.

For the drum brake, check out the outside of the drum for the wear indicator.

Press brake pedal to get the reading, if the distance or gap between the indicators is very close, that means you need to change the new drum brake.

Replacing the brake pad is the best step if it does wear.

The best is to replace with genuine spare parts for your motorcycle care routine.


Maintain Brake Fluid Rate

Another important aspect that is often neglected in the maintenance is to replace the brake fluid.

Typically, a motorcycle manual guide will recommend you to replace it every two years.

This is to ensure that your brake fluid is fresh and there is no air bubbles in the system.

However, if you feel your brake lever is quite soft or slow back to its original position, it indicates that your brake fluid needs to be changed.

For your information, brake fluid is usually clear with little yellow color.

The longer the time is, they turn into darker color.

Although the replacement of the brake fluid is not difficult,but it needs to be done neatly.

Make sure that there is no air bubbles in the system.

Besides, the brake fluid is highly corrosive and will cause damage to the bike paint.

It is best to assign the reliable formen to do the replacement.


What is listed above is just basic things in the motorcycle care routine.

There are many more technical aspects such as valves clearance, fork maintenance and other more complicated done by trained formen.

Bike is a complex machinery and need to be take care for a long time.

Motorcycle care routine can prevent your bike from encountering major damage which high costs.

So, do not overlook it!


Your Motorcycle Suddenly Unable To Start?

First of all, do not panic.

Check if there is still petrol inside the tank or not. Open the tank cover and see the petrol level.

Do not rely on the petrol level meter because the meter is likely to be damaged.

If ok, check the motorcycle spark plug and see if the plug condition is still good or broken.

If the center of the electrode is black, that means your spark plug is burned or damaged.

So, it needs to be replaced.

It might also carburetor so check it as well.

There is a section called the oil code that work as an open and close fuel entry into the carburetor.

Make sure it is open.

Otherwise, the fuel can not be supplied and the engine can not be turned on because there is no fuel.

It is very important for your motorcycle care routine.


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Motorcycle Care Routine That You Should Seriously Take Into Account

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