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Langkawi Island: One of The Most Popular Destinations In Malaysia


Langkawi Island is one of the most popular destinations for family holidays as well as for honeymoon couples or solo travellers.

If you are talking about this island, you will definitely be impressed by its stunning beaches, as well as with many interesting places to visit here.

So, it's no wonder that this place is always full of people, especially during school holidays or public holidays.

It is easier to move around using motorcycle rental Langkawi, which are as always on demand.

Visitors, especially backpackers and couples who come together for honeymoon can rent motorcycles other than renting cars.


Have You Ever Been in Langkawi?


One of the exciting activities for tourists who come here is island hopping.

And many other interesting activities that can be done, including eating and shopping activities and visiting other interesting places.

For those who are lazy to drive through a tiring long journey, but to save money on fares, try to get another alternative.

There are 3 choices that can be made to come to Langkawi such as by bus, train or car or bike hire.

Anyone who plans for budget holidays, this is a way to save money on the transportation fares.


Transportation To Langkawi Island # 1: Bus


From Kuala Lumpur, you have to take the bus to Kuala Perlis. The bus will depart from the Southern Integrated Terminal or TBS.

Some buses will also stop and take passengers at the Hentian Duta station.

The ticket price to Langkawi is within RM47 to RM50, and the bus will stop at Kuala Perlis station.

The journey will take approximately 6 to 7 hours depending on the traffic conditions and usually the bus will stop halfway at a designated rest station.

When arrive at Kuala Perlis bus station, you will walk to the jetty. It is only within 10 minutes.


Transportion To Langkawi Island # 2: Electric Train Service (ETS)


It's a quick way to get to Langkawi quickly and easily if you want to experience more adventure and speed trips.

If you take ETS to Langkawi Island, you need to stop at Arau, Perlis station.

Traveling to Langkawi is actually easier if you are from Arau as opposed to Alor Setar.

This is because Kuala Perlis Ferry Terminal is closer to Langkawi, so the ferry ticket price is cheaper and the travel duration is shorter.

ETS tickets can be purchased at KL Sentral station and one way ticket price is RM73 for adults.


You can visit the online KTM website to book tickets and find out the itinerary.

Best of all, ETS have various facilities including comfortable toilets and cafes for you to eat and drink.

So, actually you don't feel as if it is a long way journey.


Transportation to Langkawi Island # 3: Ferry from Kuala Perlis Jetty


Regardless of whether you are on a bus, or train, you will need to go to Kuala Perlis Ferry Terminal to board the ferry to Langkawi Island.

The first ferry will start operating at 7 am, but tickets usually start to be sold as early as 6 am.

You can either queue and buy a ferry ticket on local ticket counter, or you can just buy it online, but make sure it is from a legitimate website.

Ticket price for adult is RM18, while for children is RM13.

The journey will take about 1 hour 15 minutes.


If you've been dying to think about how to get here and there when you're not driving, do not worry.

You can get a motorcycle rental Langkawi upon arrival to the island.

One of the way is through (incoming soon) that offers motorcycle rental services at a very reasonable price.


Transportation To Langkawi Island # 4: Nakride Motorcycle Rental Service From Kuala Lumpur (Or Other Location)


Nakride's online rental service use motorbike sharing concept.

Not only low CC motorcycles you can rent, but also high-powered motorcycles like Harley Davidson are available on this platform.

You decide which one to do.

Nakride has more than 50 motorcycles registered in different models and locations around Kuala Lumpur and other places.

If you want to know which bike is available, visit and there are plenty of motorcycles you can choose.

Book from mobile friendly website by confirming the date and time you want.


Adventureous activity on Langkawi Island


It is considered incomplete trip to Langkawi Island if you do not come to the shops in the tax-free zone.

Besides of its beautiful beaches that are perfect for calming thoughts, Langkawi is also famous for the price of various chocolates.

For kitchenware like crockery and pots, it's much cheaper than the normal price.

These are shopping venues that are attracted and always full of visitors ; the Haji Ismail Group (HIG) duty free shops, Idaman Suri and RAMS.

They are located close to each other.

As mentioned earlier, if you like to get there, just use the motorcycle rental Langkawi.


motor sewa di langkawi


What is interesting in Langkawi, it is not just about beach activities and duty-free shops.

If you like to explore, there are plenty of other interesting activities to do.

In short, Pulau Langkawi has everything you want to be as a traveller whether you visiting it solo, or with your spouse and family.

Many interesting activities can be done here for all ages, according to your budget.

If you use a motorcycle rental Langkawi, your trip would be very fast and easy to get to each of locations.

And, below are  the list of place you can try to visit to experience the adventure.


#1 : UMGAWA Zipline Eco Adventure


If you have enough budget, you can challenge your gut and experience your "tarzan-like" experience.

The trick is to cross the oldest tropical forests in Malaysia using a zipline cable.

There are 12 zipline cables available here.

They are all recognized as world class zipline which will surely give you valuable experience.

The ticket price is quite expensive at RM199 for an hour, and RM499 for 2 to 2 and a half hours.


You can also take the combo package provided.


#2 : SkyCab Langkawi (Cable Car)


Take a cable car in Langkawi is a must-have activity for anyone visiting this island.

The gondolas here are more adventurous and more attractive than the gondolas in Genting Highlands.

There is a glazed glass gondola that you can try to challenge your sense of humor!

There are 3 different gondola options but you need to be patient for some time.

Especially,when during school or public holidays, it's too crowded there.


#3 : SkyTrex Adventure Langkawi


Can you challenge yourself?

What if you try to cross-forest activities with multiple track routes?

There are 3 track routes available here - Little Legend Adventure, Eagle Thrill and friendly Island Extreme for all levels of fitness.

Nowadays, hanging trolleys, cycling, wrestling and so on, everything is there for you to try and test out your level of agility.

Ticket price is reasonable at RM45 per person.

While removing sweat, you can also enjoying tranquility and greenery in the jungle.


#4 : SkyBridge Adventure Langkawi


Langkawi is the perfect place for you if you look for holiday destination.

You can spend time for relaxing, and seeing the Langkawi view from the top mountain.

Skybridge is a curved bridge connecting two hilltop Bukit Machincang, 360 degrees.

Wow… Exciting!


Visitors can only get here by cable car and they will be closed in case of bad weather.

Ticket prices are very cheap ; RM5 for adults and RM3 for children.


Motorcycle Rental Langkawi : The First Budget Transport You Should Pick


To save money for a holiday, it is better if you do not drive a car to Langkawi Island.

Especially if you come solo or just take a couple for honeymoon, because it's not worth it.

For those who travel to Langkawi alone, traveling with a motorcycle to travel from one place to another is actually easier than a car.

Although there are many car rental services available, it is possible to use motorcycle rental Langkawi.


It is more economical and relaxing.

After all, the tourist attractions of the island can be said to be located close to each other.

If you move solo, it is not advisable to hire a car because it is not worth penny for you alone.

So, just use motorcycle rental services in Langkawi, which are gradually on demand, both from within and outside of the country.


Get Rid Of Renting Motorcycle From Fishy Service Provider.


The unusual situation you will see as soon as you arrive at the Langkawi jetty.

Bunch of transportation service provider who will come and offer you vehicle for hire.

And, be careful of tricks and prices they will offer as you have to bargain for the best price.

The price is different at certain offer.

And, there might be hidden charge as well.

So, ask whatever you come across your mind about all cost related.

Petrol, damage cost, refundable deposit and extend hour rental rate ; all are crucial for you to know.

If you are not careful, you may be deceived by a high price.

What's more, if you have not had any experience in Langkawi, try to avoid and get to know from your friends who had came.


How To Avoid?


So, one of the way to avoid being cheated with a rental motor service in Langkawi is to get a truly established company.

NAKRIDE is not a new operator in this motorcycle rental service,as it has been servicing in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

Now, we are on our mission to expand our service to Langkawi Island and other places throughout Malaysia.

We are not only offer affordable rental price but also provides the system to any motorcycle owners to rent out their bike.

This rental system is available and motorcycle owners only need to keep their own motorcycle in good condition for customer use.

Other than that, Nakride will viral the service in order to get customers to use the book motorcycle rental Langkawi.

In the near future, you can book a rental motor ahead of time before departure.

Easy, isn't it?

So when you arrive in Langkawi, the bike is ready for you to ride.


What are you waiting for? Lets go to Langkawi


So, anyone wants to feel the comfortable and freshness air of Langkawi Island, using a motorcycle rental Langkawi is more practical for you.

If you are interested, kindly book a bike with NAKRIDE at and you are guaranteed to get the best service.

Happy holidays on Langkawi Island!



If you are the owner of motorcycle rental Langkawi, or know the bike rental operator over there, please share and send us information:

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# 2: Phone Number / Email


send an email to

We are in the process of collecting all bike owner to register through this platform.

This is the way to facilitate all customers who are looking for motorcycle rental Langkawi.

Motorcycle Rental Langkawi : An Exciting Way To Travel

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