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As you know, motorcycle rental industry has grown well like car rental industry.

In fact, more and more people choose to use a motorcycle rental as compared to rental cars as it is more economical in certain purpose.

In Malaysia alone, rent a bike service has been one of the factors that helped to advance the tourism sector.

This is due to high demand for motorcycle rentals from domestic and foreign tourists.

That is why, on the day, more and more number of bike rental service provider increase regardless of agency or personal.

Almost all of them offer the same services.

For example,

Customer call to rent a motorcycle, and they check the time required, which the bike available or not.

If the bike available, then they inform the customer back and tell him the price.

Both agree then customer come to the rental office and get the bike after paying it.

In the past, the motorcycle rental industry was more focused on offline methods where individuals who had rented motorcycles came to their own stores or to a rental motor.

This is because many people are still skeptical of the online methods because they fear being cheated when they cannot see the bike.

However, as the time is changing and the technology is growing rapidly, online method of renting motorcycle are becoming a norm.

It not only saves time, but also facilitates the way booking of rental vehicles.

Not all provider have a management booking system.

Some of them only advertises motorcycles in the internet, and reservations are only through phone calls or whatsapp.

Then, the motor rental business has shifted to a more efficient way with the concept of motor sharing or motorbike partnership.

NAKRIDE is the first brand in Malaysia to highlight this concept.

Unlike rental motorcycle operators in Malaysia, NAKRIDE does not store assets like motorcycles to run their business.

However, motorcycle owners will advertise their vehicles through Nakride’s official website.

It adopts the concept of peer to peer motorcycle sharing that is acting as a platform that connects the renter with the owner of the motorcycle.

That is to say, the business model used by Nakride does not have any assets but share the underutilized assets of motorcycle.

The concept of motor sharing introduced by NAKRIDE is more practical than regular rental motorcycles.

It should be able to attract more people to use rental motor.

It is logically capable of reducing motor ownership and potentially disrupt motorcycle prices in the market.

But, before we know how logic it is, what we must understand first exactly, what is the concept of motorcycle sharing.

Also, we dive into its advantages in the rental motor industry.

Advantages of Motorcycle Sharing NAKRIDE Compared to Regular Rental Motorcycle

Let’s see what is the difference between regular motor rental and motor sharing services.

There are motorcycles for rent and renters, and both elements are the same for either a regular rental motorcycle or motorcycle sharing.

However, the normal rental bike service is controlled by the company at a certain rate, following the procedures and guidelines of a rental motorcycle company.

Motorcycle sharing is also a platform for the public, with many registered hosts renting out their motorcycles.

Through this concept, NAKRIDE acts as a company that advertise and manages the hosts’ bike.

Now let’s take a look at the advantages of motorcycle sharing compared to regular rental motorcycles.

#1. There is no limit / maximum period for rent

Whether regular motorcycles or motorcycle sharing, the rental periods are usually daily, weekly and monthly.

But did you know, if you want to use the motorcycle for a few hours, you usually have to rent a motorcycle at least for a day?

With motorcycle sharing, you can start to rent from minimum of 4 hours to unlimited period of time.

#2. Widespread Network.

The normal rental motorcycles service is focused only at one place.

However, the motorcycle sharing network is vast compared to the traditional rental motorcycle.

Motorcycle sharing allows you to get it anywhere in the county and district.

The bike owners who register with NAKRIDE offer motorcycle sharing in most places within one area or district of each state.

By having this concept, NAKRIDE gather all the bike owner to become a big community of bike.

Rental will be much easier than before, right?

#3. Renter get bike with the host, as rental deal so smooth.

Motorcycle sharing platform is suitable for those who want to share their bikes with renter who need the service at certain time.

As a platform provider, NAKRIDE will ensure that all rental bookings and transactions run smoothly and capture in the owner (or host) system.

The host can check their bike booking on schedule system and ready the bike at best condition.

If there is any technical problem while renting motorcycle, renter may contact the host himself to get a solution for each problem.

For hosts who does not have any experience in renting motorcycle, they may seek for NAKRIDE’ best advice in solving the problem.

#4. Simple and systematic booking system.

Motorcycle rental deals become very easy with the online booking system provided by NAKRIDE.

You can book online only.

So, it’s faster and easier than before.

The motor reservation system offered is more user friendly and easy for you to choose the right motorcycle.

What Are The Advantages of NAKRIDE To Renters And Motorcycle Owners?

Having and organize ordering systems, it is so easy to make a booking and can be done online.

We do effective marketing to attract customers to get to our services.

Individuals who want to get a motorcycle rental will certainly choose a truly reliable platform that add value to their services.

This is evident not only in the rental motor industry, but in all businesses especially made online.

NAKRIDE act as a medium that connects between renters and motorcycle owners.

It is not only provides bike rental portal with an online booking system, but also acting as marketer.

NAKRIDE promote their services to ensure that there is always demand from renters.

In this concept also, the owner of the rental motor is the key to the NAKRIDE business module.

So, the safety factor of the motorcycle will always be on track.

To confirm a booking, tenants must provide a copy of identity card, license and passport for foreigners and upload to the reservation system.

In addition, the installation of GPS tracker is required to ensure the bike can always be tracked.

These features certainly give the motor owners the advantage.

For bike owners, the platform provided will facilitate of your bike’s booking management.

NAKRIDE always ensures that motorcycle rental is a win-win situation, whether on the side of renters or bike owners.

The motorcycle rentals must be in good condition before it can included in NAKRIDE platform to ensure the safety aspect of the rider.

In fact, NAKRIDE is seeking to get special insurance for every renters.

NAKRIDE Motorcycle Sharing Concept Has The Potential To Reduce Motorcycle Prices?

Similar with the price of the car, the issue of increasingly expensive motorcycle prices is also an issue that has not been resolved.

When talking about price drops, it is not a matter that can be solved in a short time because of many factors that influence the setting of a price.

Not only for motorcycles and cars, but also for other high demand items.

Yes, the key is on supply and demand.

Whether you go to any country including Turkestan, Afghanistan, or any other country, the concept of demand and supply is used to determine the price of goods.

If demand increases above supply, prices will definitely rise.

The “hot” stuff is supposed to be expensive, that’s the assumption.

All right.

Undoubtedly, we live in the advanced phase of the country and with a rising cost of living, and full of challenges.

So, because of that, there are many things and desires we need to sacrifice.

For example, for car fuel savings, we only use public transport to commute to work.

But, you may feel that public transport in Malaysia is not yet efficient enough, so you might want to consider buying a motorcycle instead.

But, if you just want to use the bike once in a while, why don’t you just rent it?

At least there is no additional commitment each month to pay.

If you have a car with a monthly commitment which make you struggle to pay, buying a motorcycle will likely to add a burden and not become necessity.

Look For Another Alternative.

If you rent a motorcycle instead of buying it, you are avoid from having a commitment with the bank.

It is different story if you buy the bike using cash.

Through the concept of motor sharing NAKRIDE, you can rent in the period of time you like without a limit.

You can only rent minimum of 4 hours to go to the store or to pick up a child from school.

Instead of using the money to pay for that motor installment, it is better to save money and buy an asset that can afford higher returns.


Plan and bring a family on vacation.

Here, NAKRIDE plays its role to encourage people to rent motorcycles instead of buying.

In fact, the company is targeting a total of 500 motorcycle owners who wants to register their motorcycles.

This aim will hopefully achieve at the end of 2019.

This amount set by looking at demand for rental vehicles through those who are increasingly in high demand.

With an efficient booking system, it is possible for more people to choose to rent motorcycles as alternative transportation.

If more people are using motorcycle rentals,this will likely lower down on demand for buying motorcycles.

Your power as a consumer and buyer can make it real.

The concept of motor sharing introduced by NAKRIDE certainly has advantages over ordinary rental motorcycles.

So, if you are looking for this motorcycle rental service from NAKRIDE, kindly make a booking on the website via

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