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A Must Activities For Riders - Motorcycle Convoy


Convoy activity is indeed an activity that is a must for riders especially those who have joined motorcycle clubs, whether small or big bikes.

Once in a while, riding a motorcycle on a long journey is something fun.

It can calm the mind by seeing the scenery in the surrounding area along the way.

In addition, it is possible to exchange ideas and to get close the relationship in between riders with the rest of the time.

There are many people out there who have long dreamed of participating in a convoy activity but the intention is just to be hold.

This is because they do not have their own motorcycles.

Don't worry.

This motorcycle convoy activity is not subject to motorcycle owners only.

It is also open to those who do not have motorcycles.

What's more, there're people who want to try to converse and feel the aura of riding a motorcycle.

There is no need to worry about joining a motorcycle convoy even if you don't have a motorcycle.


This is because there is an increasingly popular motorcycle rental service especially in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.


Have You Ever Go To Thailand?


For those of you who have already had a trip to Thailand, you surely understand the country's environment.

Especially, the aspect of traffic laws and riding conditions there.

But, for those who have not yet been there, you have to get a big picture first so you will not be shocked of the culture when you get there.

And of course, you can't just go like that.

There needs to be a neat plan as it also involves traffic laws and regulations that must be obeyed in Malaysia and overseas.

At times, the pure intention to convoy is getting worse when it causing discomfort of road users especially if it due to traffic congestion.


Before we know more about the convoy tips to Thailand, it's good to understand the basic tips for a motorcycle ride.

Not only for new riders who do not have the experience of joining a motorcycle convoy, but also for the current riders.

Because it is normal, for riders who often overlook the important thing before joining convoy activity.


# 1: Check Your Motorcycle Condition


An important aspect of ride is to make sure your motorcycle is in the best condition, safe and convenient.

It is a yes, even if you are riding on a long journey.

Check for motorcycle brakes, headlamps, tail lamps, signal lamps to get them all perfectly work especially for night trips.

Also, you have to make sure that motorcycle chain, and the condition of the motorcycle tires are in good condition.

A long distances require good engine conditions, so do not forget to check engine oil and make sure they are schedule changed when it's the time.

Most importantly, make sure that road tax and motorcycle insurance are not expired.

It because they are possibilities of roadblocks and accidents might be happened.

Personal insurance is also very important because anything bad happen is uncertain.

So, get ready before it's too late!


# 2: Self Prepared, Physical And Mental


The rider's aspect is also very important because the motor can not move itself without its rider, isn't it?

It is important for participants who follow the convoy to prepare themselves with good knowledge about this convoy activity.

Unless you just want to join the convoy for the engagement or back home.

Each convoy participant needs to take the course and from the course, various information about the convoy will be explained.

As a convoy participant, it is your responsibility to ensure you are perfectly healthy.

In fact, this health aspect is a must for all convoy participants.

Normally, participants who are unwell will not be allowed to follow the convoy even for long distances.


Get Additional Accessories


Before joining a convoy, make sure you have adequate rest and sleep before traveling.

Drowsiness and tiredness actually contributed much to road accidents during the convoy.

Additionally, the appropriate clothing during the journey is necessary.

By wearing appropriate clothing, preparing the appropriate raincoat, gloves and shoes, and most importantly protecting you from injury if an accident occurs.

If possible, prepare a jacket that has a pad to protect the elbows and knees, and meet the safety features as easily seen especially during night trips.

Before you start the journey, make a simple exercise and stretching first.

As a matter of fact, wanting to sit on the bike for a long time certainly requires high stamina and immunity.


# 3: Discipline During Convoy


The most important point to follow a motorcycle convoy is time management.

You need to arrive early at the start and hear the briefings that provided by the organizer or marshal.

From that, you will understand what needs to be obeyed and followed during the convoy.

Do not be late, as others are waiting and the situation is in a hurry.

Always listen and be aware of the information and whatever guideline set by the organizer has to offer, such as rest stops, oil refills, rides and meals.

Even the way you park a motorcycle at a stop will be informed by the organizer before depart.

That's why it's important to arrive early in a gathering place to hear briefings.


The Organizer Plan


Before starting, the organizer will arrange the marshal on a formatted basis such as Lead, Arrow Head, Convoy Team, Guard and Sweeper.

Their roles will be explained on the course before the convoy.

In the middle of journey, you need to be aware of the instructions and signals given by Marshall.

Keep the discipline during travel is very important to avoid bad things especially violations among themselves.

Take a cut in while on a group of convoy is strictly forbidden.


Do not be afraid if you are left behind from the group because it will not happen due to the marshal is always there to keep the participants in the group.

The Arrow head will determine how the convoy moves, either moving in a row, two rows or the zig-zag direction.

If there is an emergency and you have to stop, park your motorcycle on the roadside that does not interfere with traffic.

All participants of the convoy will stop in a while and wait for the problem to be resolved as soon as possible.

If there are other vehicles like cars that are too close to the group, give them a signal and space to pass by the convoy group.

What's important is to keep your distance between convoy participants and other road users, and keep them in a safe position.


What Do You Need to Know About Motorcycle Convoy to Thailand?


It's common for Malaysians to go to Thailand whether to travel and shopping for business.

In fact, this country is often the choice of motorcycle clubs as a destination for their motorcycle convoy activities.


Tips Motorcycle Convoy Tips # 1: Obey Foreign Laws


Whenever you enter that country, the most important thing is to comply with the rules there.

The traffic and law situation in Thailand is quite different from Malaysia.

Only the percentage of motorcyclists here is very high and there are local rider without licenses on average, and often carelessly riding.

So be extra careful and ride slowly.

As applied in Malaysia, you must obey the traffic light, do not cut in the emergency lane and adhere to the allowable speed limit.


Tips Motorcycle Convoy Tips # 2: Always Be Careful and Drive Prudently


Another important thing is always to keep your motorcycle safe.

Do not follow too close to the vehicle ahead because the habits of some riders in Thailand.

They are well known for the attitude of 'not giving the signal' before turning left or right.

There are also many riders go out from junction and make u-turn without looking left and right.

Some of their mentality is still like that in terms of road safety, so you need to be more careful.

For those of you who are unusual to Thailand especially by following a motorcycle convoy, you might be surprised.

What kind of surprise?

It is the presence of so many wild dogs roaming around the area of your journey.

Whether you are driving a vehicle or riding a motorbike, be sure to focus and be sensitive to the environment.

The sudden danger of a dog suddenly passing through.


Tips Motorcycle Convoy # 3: Buying Vehicle Insurance


Whatever situation is, sometimes we cannot avoid the possibility that accidents occur, though we are as careful as we are driving or riding a motorcycle.

One of the most useful advice is to buy a travel insurance.

The insurance provided before entering Thailand is available for sale at less than RM20 per week coverage.

However, it is now a legitimate requirement to cross the border.

Do not be attracted to the low price instead, buy additional insurance to protect your vehicle, other vehicle and the person you might collide with and insurance for yourself.

This is in preparation in case of any accident.


Because the cost of medical in Thailand is very expensive for tourists.


Do not Neglect Voluntary Insurance


Thailand is not just popular as its tourist destination and its street food is delicious.

In fact, it is well known as one of the most congested and dangerous roads.

The rate of deadly road accidents in Thailand is among the highest in the world!

So, take precautionary measures when you want to travel to Thailand.

While you enjoying interesting places and good food, you also preparing about the dangers of traffic here.


Here Are The Important Things If Riding in Thailand

Before leaving for Thailand, be sure to take a look at traffic rules in the country to reduce the risk of getting accidents.

The most important thing to note is the way they drive to the left side of the road.

Given the traffic situation in Thailand is among the worst in the world, most tourists from Malaysia prefer to ride motorcycles.

Currently, there are motorcycle rental services available in Thailand.

Most tourists use this service to move around the city in the country.

You just have to be aware and take a look at the real situation of the traffic here.

This is because the traffic situation in Thailand is very different from the traffic situation in Malaysia.


Traffic Congestion In The Country.


In Thailand, driving or riding motorcycles negligently and dangerous may have become their culture.

Even pedestrians are also less cautious while crossing the road irrespective of the dangers that will befall.

We can imagine the roads in Thailand are always busy with various human beings.

In short, the possibility of getting a road accident is always high.


The Newest Real Case Study


Recently, we were surprised by the news of Malaysian tourists, Abdul Wahab Yahya and his wife who were crashing with pedestrians.

It happened when the couple rode on Aonang Road, near Krabi, Thailand, causing the death of the Thai pedestrian.

Following road laws in Thailand, if an accident involving pedestrians, motorcyclists or car drivers are fully responsible.

In that case, Mr. Abdul Wahab not only suffered injuries and faced charges, but also had to pay compensation.

Do you know how much compensation the victim's family demanded?


RM200,000 !! And, it was brought down from RM400,000.


Imagine if you are in Mr Abdul Wahab's place, of course you will also get stuck to find that much money.

Unless you are a tycoon.


After Knowing This Case, What Is Your Action Before Going To Thailand?


The story that happened to Mr Abdul Wahab should be a lesson to all of us.

If you want to travel to a neighboring country by riding or driving alone, it is important for you to take full coverage insurance.

Coverage covers the cost of hospitals, in particular the high cost of treatment, mortuary management and claims by others, including public facilities damaged by accidents.

For anyone who wishes to enter Thailand will be obliged to purchase Compulsory Motor Insurance (CMI) or Por Ror Bor.

It is mandatory for all vehicles when entering Thailand.

This insurance comes with nine days, two weeks or a month.

The cost is around RM 18 to RM 20 for 9 days and covers up to THB 80,000.

It can be purchased from the Department of Land Transport office (DLT) Thailand, an insurance company or from a designated agent near the cross border.


Is the Insurance You Bought Is Protecting You Completely?

People think that this insurance is enough to protect everything.

Are you so sure?

This compulsory insurance package actually provides with very minimal protection.

It does not include protection if you are required to pay a sum of compensation money from the accident victim.

CMI only protects bodily injury or death and does not protect vehicles or property.

This is what happened to Mr. Abdul Wahab.

That is why tourists from Malaysia are advised to purchase voluntary insurance or voluntary motor insurance.

This is to ensure that all involved in the accident are protected.


So, What Is Voluntary Motor Insurance?


In accordance with Thailand law, third parties or parties being infringed are entitled to claim compensation in case of damage to the vehicle.

Even if the third-party vehicle is damaged, the cost of the day without vehicle will also be calculated.

This means that if the vehicle is damaged and has to be sent to the workshop, the owner of the vehicle will be affected to do all day work.

So, the offending party has to pay the cost of renting a vehicle to allow the owner to do his or her daily activities.

But in this case, it even worse due to the death of person.

The victim's family is entitled to claim a sum of money as compensation.

This is why, it is important for you to take voluntary insurance or voluntary motor insurance.

This insurance does not only provides protection for you and your vehicle, but will also pay for all the compensation you are supposed to pay.


Type Of Voluntary Insurance

So if you want to ride on your own bike, regardless of your own bike or rental motor in Thailand, be sure to purchase this voluntary insurance.

Here, we share some kind of voluntary insurance for your guide:


Class 1

In the event of an accident, your vehicle, driver, passenger and third party are protected in terms of property damage (Property Damage).

These include late tug costs, as well as personal injury (Bodily Injury).

In addition, it will also provide protection against fire, theft and destruction by natural disasters.

This type is best because it provides maximum protection.


Class 2


It is known as a third-party insurance in most countries.

Class 2 volunteer insurance will provide protection to third party property.

For example, you hit the house that caused damage.

It also provides surcharges for third-party self-injury and fire and theft for third parties.

Class 3

Provides protection against third party property and excess for third-party self-injury.

This is the most minimal and simplest package.



Class One and Class Two insurance are only allowed and offered for Thai citizens only.

Yes, this is the fact that you have to accept as a tourist.

Tourists are only allowed to purchase Class Three Voluntary Insurance to protect Third Party vehicles and property.

This is because voluntary insurance classes 1 and 2 have car loss coverage.

To prevent vehicles being smuggled out of Thailand and false reports made about stolen or missing vehicles, Malaysians are not offered to buy this insurance.

We cannot predict bad incident from happen right?

So, as an additional protection, voluntary insurance need to be taken to protect you if there is a claim made by a third party.


What Makes If An Accident In Thailand?

First of all, do not panic and calm down.

All you have to do is take as many photos of events, places, vehicles, roads and so on.

Do not ever run away, and must lodge a police report.

Below is a preliminary action you can take to get help.

# 1.Contact the tourist police at 1155 (for Thai simkad only).

They speak English and are always ready to help.

# 2. Request a Tourism Police to contact the Tourist Assistant. They can be talkers or intermediaries.

# 3. Ask the Tourist Assistant to get contact with the Insurance agent.

# 4. Talk to them to simplify the legal process.

# 5. Make a police report with the help of a tourist assistant.

Thai police emergency line is 191, while the Insurance Hotline is 1186.

For first party insurance, they will connect you to anyone who can help.

So, if you plan to enter Thailand by riding on your own, be sure to purchase insurance and obey laws in that country.

To riders out there who want to visit Thailand, electric or vape cigarettes are banned.

So do not do it, or you might be imprisoned or need to pay a fine.


Motorcycle Convoy Tips # 4: Hire Motorcycle from NAKRIDE To Join Convoy


Perhaps you are among those thinking and considering buying motorcycles especially high-powered motorcycles, such as superbike solely to follow a convoy.

If you just want to get a ride only to get experience, it's just not worth it.

But, do not give up.

You can rent high-powered motorcycles before actually making a decision to buy the motorcycles.

In short, test ride and experience a first-time convoy activity before buying.


Why Us


The rental of motorcycles is actually already available for a very long time in Malaysia.

In between of those rental service, one of the most established and reliable service providers is

Online motor rental service Nakride which applies the concept of motorbike sharing not only has a regular rental system but also the location is more than one place.

The rental price is very affordable and it is not a burden and more importantly, the motorcycles provided are in top conditions.

This is because it is an important and essential aspect for motorcyclists who want to rent out their motorcycles through Nakride's motor-sharing concept.

So, it is worth the effort to rent through Nakride platform.

Not only regular motorcycles, but you can also hire Harley Davidson, superbike and other high-powered motorcycles.

The reservation system provided by Nakride's online rental service is very simple and systematic.

Below are a few easy steps to book a motorcycle rental with


How To Rent A Motorcycle With NAKRIDE.


# 1. Visit the website, choose a motorcycle that you want to rent, fill in your personal details, make an online payment together with digital signature.

# 2. Complete the above procedure, make a call or send a notification through whatsapp apps to the motorcycle owner written on the contact info in booking summary.

You can keep in touch with the owner

# 3. Then, the motorcycle owner will ask for your valid identification(or passport) and license card (front and back) for the verification process before you can take a motorcycle.

# 4. Finally, when the rental period end, you only need to come to the designated location.


So, for those of you who have friends who are willing to join convoy but do not have their own motorcycles, please remind them about Nakride's available motorcycle rental service.

Hopefully this entry can provide useful partnerships for those who are interested or who will participate in motorcycle convoy activities.

Happy to converse and hopefully your journey is safe and blessed!

4 Tips Of Motorcycle Convoy To Thailand You Can Take Note In 2019

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