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Buy New, Used or Rent Motorcycle

Campus life in universities and colleges is indeed a challenging and may also be the most exciting time in a person’s life.

Now, it’s time to learn how to learn, and to live an active life and be excited about going here especially when studying far away from the family.

Apart from studying and undergoing activities in college or university, many may take this opportunity to find a mate and so on.

In this teenage life, of course, it will be easier if there is a vehicle on your own.

Perhaps many university and college students especially boys who are considering buying a motorcycle to facilitate the movement here and there.

Yeah, riding a new motorcycle looks more cool, right?

However, before you can afford to buy a motorcycle, you need to control the cost of transport so that there are some cash for food.

Think of a way to pay monthly installments by not asking money from your dad.

In fact, the budget for spending is very limited for student.

Similar to when you want to buy a car, there are two options; first, buy a new motorcycle, second, buy a second hand motorcycle.

There are advantages and disadvantages of the above choices.

Regardless, before MAKING DECISIONS,

Whether you want to buy new or used bike, know what motorcycle is suitable for students, especially in terms of size and budget.

For students, motorcycles are low and small engine, easy and inexpensive in maintenance, as well as fuel saving is the best choice.

As long as it meet your purpose to go from home to class, that’s it.

Ok, let’s see what university student tips can be used to control the cost of everyday’s transportation.

University Student Tips Before Buying a Motorcycle

In Malaysia, almost all manufacturers offer small engine size models from as low as 110cc to 150cc.

In fact, the choices are very large, in various designs, colors, prices, and specifications.

But, not all motorcycles in the market are right for you.

You can just do a survey by getting information from the internet or coming to the store.

When choosing a suitable motorcycle, the fit to your body size and height should also be taken into account for the comfort and safety of riding.

If you are tall, you should not buy a-low-seat-height type of motorcycle. The height should be taken into consideration to ride in convenient way.

University Student Pro Tips:

Models such as the Yamaha Y15ZR, Honda RS150R, MODENAS CT115, and those with whom are the appropriate options.

For those who want feminine designs, consider buying Yamaha Ego Solariz which may be suitable for you.

What About Motor Stability Rate?

Stability is also important to ride comfortably and safely.

Stable means that the bike you ride is easy to control and balance especially if you are riding in low speed.

First, you have to make sure you can place both feet safely and comfortably on the ground.

There are a lot of accidents occurred due to the failure of riders to control their motorcycles in low speeds.

This happens because they cannot afford to put their feet on the ground comfortably and safely, while slowing down the motor.

And, lighter and lowered motorcycles are easier to control than the heavier motorcycles.

The height of the saddle will determine the height of the motor’s gravitational center which determines whether it is more stable or not.

The low saddle will provide a low center of gravity as well.

It can be said, lower bikes are more stable and safe.

New or Used Motorcycle?

Are you dilemma?

Do not worry.

That’s why we share university student tips to give you some thoughts and points so you can make wise decisions.

In fact, both options have advantages and disadvantages but of course buying used motorbikes have a higher risk, especially from the quality of the bike.

Well, we do not know how exactly how good the bike is taken care by the previous owner, right?

If you choose to buy a new motorcycle, the risk that your motorcycle is ever get damaged is zero.

If there is any damage, there is a warranty that will allow you to get damages and usually it is originally from factory.

It is called factory defect.

The only point of different is new motorcycles are certainly priced higher than used motorcycles.

If you are looking for a budget motorcycle, buying a new one is not an option.

But it’s not wrong to buy a used motorcycle, as the most important is to keep it in good condition.

If you want to inspection how good the bike is, by ride test it.

That is not easy though.

Choosing a Quality Used Motorcycle

There are many aspects of the motorcycle need to be checked to ensure it is in good condition.

We do not want to expect it to be the same quality as a new motorcycle, but it should be in good condition, and ready-to-ride motorcycle.

If possible, buy it at a registered store which that shop can guarantee the quality of the motorcycle.

If you want to buy from an individual, it is okay.

But as said earlier, make sure the quality is equivalent to the price offered, and of course it must be in good condition.

If possible, bring a foremen or person in the field of motorcycles, such as a mechanic to help you check the bike you want to buy, so that you will not regret it later.

What are the important things you need to check before agreeing to buy used motor?

#1 : check out the motorcycle grant.

Make sure it is genuine, not a fake grant. You can verify the authenticity of a grant with the Road Transport Department or JPJ to ensure that the seller is not fake.

#2 : check for motorcycle servicing mileage.

It tells how well the motor is taken care and serviced, either self-serviced by motorists or sent to the accredited workshop on a regular basis.

If possible, buy a second hand motor which is always serviced in schedule.

Check Every Single Parts of Motorcycle

Make a thorough inspection of the motorcycle.

Look at the bike’s body frame if there are signs of rust, bend or crack.

It shows that the bike is not properly maintained by the previous owner.

Do not hesitate to ask the seller to open the seat for you to check the motorcycle parts from there, because as a buyer, you have the right to check the vehicle you want to buy.

If everything is good, the next step is by sitting on the motorcycle, position the hand on the handle bar, as you are riding, to make sure you are comfortable with the motorcycle.

Riding in comfort is very important as it is one of the safety features.

If it’s not comfortable, forget about buying it.

If it’s okay, make the next step, which is to look at the handle bar.

Make sure it has no signs of croaking or other damage.

Besides, you can also take a look at front fork if there is oil leaking.

Then, inspect the front suspension and make sure it is in good condition, by pulling the handbrake and shaking the motorcycle.

In addition, motorcycle chain and sprockets also need to be checked before you buy a second hand motor.

Whether it’s time to change or not. If it is sharp, then it needs replacement.

Tires are also important aspects that need to be looked for.

Good motorcycle tires should have a full tire stripe or at least have a reasonable percentage of it for safe rides.

Typically, motorcycle tyres’ life span are two years. Ask in detail and check the lifespan of the tyre.

Do You Satisfy Enough? Wait and be patient

Another aspect that is most important and always ignored by those who want to buy a second hand motorcycle is oil tank.

Inspect the fuel tank and make sure it is not leaked, rust or severe corrosion effect.

Remember, leaking oil tank means you will losing your money to repair.

If you are satisfied with your inspection, ask for a test ride as a final step before agreeing to buy.

There are only a few seller who allows test ride for safety reasons.

However, if there is an opportunity for test ride, do hand brake and foot brake tests.

When adding ride speed and gear up, check if there is a shock sign.

Turn left or right and feel the handle bar of the motorcycle.

After the test ride, check the condition of the bike after the engine is turned off.

Look again in case there is a leak.

If all of them are excellent condition and satisfy, buy it.

Why You Can Rent A Motorcycle

You have to know the ‘pain’ from the financial aspect and the daily expenses, especially if you are from a poor family.

It’s even worse if you’re forced to rent off campus.

You forced to save money and think eighteen million times.

So, follow this university student, what you can save, need to be saved.

This is because, the life of a student actually requires a lot of sacrifice.

The purpose of the motorcycle is to facilitate your movement from one place to another.

Whether you buy or rent, the function remains the same.

But, if you want a monthly savings, why not rent it if you want to use it once in a while.

What’s more, rental motor service for students has been offered by rental motor agency or individual.

Besides not needing your monthly commitment to pay installments, one of the interesting aspects of a rental motor service is that it offers the various types of motors you choose and the rental period according to your needs.

Whether your goal is to converse, walk or just bust, just choose the right motorcycles for you at the rate set.

Usually motor rental rates for students are lower than prices for other customers, following the promotions offered by employers.

Hopefully this university student tips will impact to those readers.

Share this knowledge if useful.

Tips On How University Student Manage Own Transport

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