Owner Guidelines

These guidelines is created to help user especially bike owner to display/list their bike in our platform to be rent. Please follow these guidelines for correct application.

Registration Method
  • Go to www.nakride.com
  • On menu list, click Login and select Owner.
  • On owner login page, click Register Account (for first time user).
  • Key in your email, password and re-type password. Click Register.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you and click the link given in your email.
  • Key in your email and password. Click Log In.
  • Before listing and renting please fill in the information required.
  • Back to Home Page.
On the Dashboard Menu, if there is a reservation, you will see complete booking information on current date. You can manage well by seeing what data and time your bike and return.
Adding Bike
  • On the left side, click Bike menu and then click My Class Price.
  • Search your Bike Class and choose from the list.
  • Put the rental price of your bike starting from 1 hour rate and 1 day rate.
  • (BikeTips: If you are not so sure what price you should put on each rate, you can compare with the bike that other owner put at existing location appear on our platform)
  • Click Save.
  • Go to Bike menu, click My Garage.
  • Click Add Bike.
  • Choose file for your own bike, Bike Class and key in Bike Information to help hirer understand well about your bike condition before renting.
  • (BikeTips: Take a photo on your own bike instead of getting a random image on google or any other search engines to increase hirer's confidence to rent your bike)
  • Click Submit. Your bike will be reviewed by us within 24 hours.
  • Your bike will be in My Garage if approved. You can either turn it on or off for its availability status.
Manage Reservations
  • Go to Reservation menu, and click manage.
  • You can choose selected pickup date to view reservation by clicking specific date and click Filter or click Show All to view all reservations. Guideline image

  • A : Reservation Number. Hirer will get same number for reference.
    B : Customer full name.
    C : Paid rental price.
    D : Reserved bike type with plate number.
    E : Bike Status
    F : Generate Agreement
    G : View. You can view detail information of the hirere as in the agreement.
    H : After customer took the bike and then you click button, bike status will change to Confirm. If customer no shows and then you click button, bike status will change to Cancel.

    Guideline image

  • I : After bike has return, click button to update is system.
My Location
  • Fill in all the information:
    • Location Name: If location name already exist. Please specific your location. (Example: Shah Alam (Seksyen 7 Jalan Plumbum))
      Address: Your current address for customer's path guideline.
      Location Description: Brief a bit about your environment near your location.
      (Example: beside Petronas petrol station, in front of Ali noodle restaurant) Location Image: Take a photo of place.
      Address Locator: This is to locate exactly your area to ease hirer to come and take motorbike.
  • Click Update
My Payment
  • Currently we take 30 percent commision from sales of each reservation. Our system will automatically present the amount and the payment status.
  • We do transfer within 7 working days up till 30 calendar days.
Rental Options
  • You may choose what kind of accessories that is available for your customers. The more is the better!
  • Just toggle it on and off to set for the availability.